My name is Sean, and this is my website 😀.

I like to create games, music, puzzles, talk about programming, write software, ponder the mysteries of the cosmos, and experiment with meditation and leaving my body.

Thank you for visiting – feel free to poke around, and if you like something, let me know!

You can view a list of all posts, or read my latest post: What is “Not Real”?.

- Sean (aka velipso)

Recent News

New Website (Again!)

I spent many many hours migrating my website to what you see now!

I used to use Jekyll to manage my website, but it broke constantly. I don’t think it was Jekyll’s fault, but Ruby. I don’t use Ruby regularly, so every time I tried to add content to my website, I had to fight with Ruby’s environment. It was so frustrating!

My solution was to simply not deal with it, and never update my site!

In August, I wanted to start journaling about my out of body experiences. Since I didn’t want to deal with Ruby, I paid for a year of hosting on Ghost.org. I really enjoyed Ghost, but that meant my main website was separate from my journal.

Anyways, I bit the bullet, and finally redesigned my entire site in Hugo, which is so much better than Jekyll (because it uses Go instead of Ruby).

So, finally I should be able to update my website without a huge headache – I hope!

Inky and the Alien Aquarium

My wife and I have been working on a puzzle game over the past year, and it’s finally ready to be released!

You play as Inky, a flapjack octopus, who has been abducted by aliens and put on display in their aquarium.

It will release on Kickstarter with both physical and digital versions.


I released a new tool for creating chiptune music on the Game Boy Advance, called gvsong.

The gvsong tool will take text-based music patterns and output high-resolution .wav files or even a test GBA ROM.

Here’s a song from our upcoming game, running in an emulator:

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