Baby Crying Experience

Baby Crying Experience

I’ve been trying to have another out of body experience since my last one, where I experienced a warm hug.

I was reading through my old journal entries, and remembered an old technique I used, known as wake-back-to-bed (WBTB).

I drank extra water before going to bed, and fell asleep around 10pm.

I woke up at 1:38am to use the restroom. Afterwards, I stayed in the bathroom, in order to wake up fully – the purpose of the WBTB method is to break through the initial drowsiness. I did some pushups and waited until I felt like it would take effort to fall back asleep.

I laid back down at 2am, and started relaxing my body. My wife moves a lot in her sleep, and it’s not a problem if I’m sleeping, but I was having trouble getting into a good trance with the movement. So at 3am, I went to the couch in the living room.

I started to trance out by repeating to myself, “I will have an out of body experience”, over and over in my mind. I was pretty alert, and it took a long time to get relaxed.

I had breaks in consciousness a couple times, then finally when I came back from one break, I realized I could get out.

I’ve become a little more entitled, and I was ready to see some entity or something crazy – in my last OBE, I was afraid I would freak out, but I’ve since gotten over that and wanted to see weird shit.

As soon as I got out, I said “I need help”. I assumed whoever I interacted with in my last OBE, I would be able to explain myself, and see them.

My awareness was very split in this experience though. Part of me was out, floating around, but another part of me was very inside my body. Specifically, aware of my snoring and nasally breathing.

I did have vision though, and could see my non-physical body in the dark. It looked like a shadow, without any light hitting it.

I bounced around the couch, playing a bit and having fun, but also looking around. At one point I turned back and looked at my physical body on the couch. I came close to my face, and started playing with moving my eyes, and opening my mouth. I could both feel my face moving from a first-person perspective, and see my face moving from a third-person perspective.

At one point, my vision became very yellow, and the room became unusual. My body was no longer there. I realized I accidentally slipped into a dream, and returned to my body. I was pretty proud that I caught myself, and recovered.

At this point, I was getting a little impatient that the entity didn’t show up. I asked, “Are you there?”. Silence.

Then I thought, well maybe they are there, but they don’t realize I can’t see them. So I said, “Talk to me”.

I heard a response, “Yeah”. It sounded like a little boy, whispering it to me. The boy wasn’t afraid or anything, just trying to be quiet.

I was surprised… I had assumed I would be talking to some helpful entity or something. But I couldn’t see the boy.

So I asked, “Where are you?” – meaning, in my mind: hey kid, I don’t see you, show yourself (but I didn’t say all that).

I put my hands behind my ears to try and signal that I am listening for a response.

Then I heard a sound of a baby crying. It kind of sounded like a recording. As I’m writing this out, I’m thinking maybe it was like a baby monitor sound.

At that point, I jumped back in my body. The clock said 5:08am. I started writing this out on my phone so I wouldn’t forget.

Some things to note:

  1. OBEs are different from dreams, and this experience shows that. I was fully expecting to meet some sort of spirit guide or benevolent being or something like that. I was not expecting a young boy and a baby crying. Dreams follow expectations, OBEs don’t.
  2. The split awareness was really interesting to me. It reminds me of Robert Bruce’s book, Astral Dynamics. I read it a long time ago, maybe I should re-read it. I think he has similar experiences, if I recall correctly.
  3. Memory is a weird thing. OBEs are like dreams in a sense that you can forget things quickly. It can be frustrating to end experiences so quickly, but the total duration of the experience was probably 5 minutes, and that is a lot to keep in your memory. If I had gone longer, I probably would have forgotten a lot.
  4. OBEs are a physical skill. I disagree with this notion that OBEs represent some sort of spiritual or mystical thing. It is a skill, just like running. It took me 3 hours to have an OBE. I’m exhausted, not only from losing sleep, but also from the activity itself. That’s 3 hours of mental effort. It’s tiring.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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