Benevolent Beings and Sarcastic Wilson Experiences

Benevolent Beings and Sarcastic Wilson Experiences

Last night was a long night. I have two experiences to record.

Benevolent Beings

I had a long day, and took a nap from 5pm to 6:45pm, after work. Sometimes I will nap after work, but that was a bit excessive even for me. That meant I was restless by the time we went to bed, at around 10:15pm.

Just prior to going to bed, my wife sent me an interesting link to a post on reddit. The poster describes their strange experiences in summoning beings during meditation. One line in particular stuck with me:

I wanted to make peaceful contact with any benevolent beings who wish to do the same.

I liked that phrasing, so as I was restless in bed, I started to focus on that intention.

The post also made a point:

You have to believe it for it to work, and you have to surrender yourself to the possibilities of the experience. You have to have an open mind, a loving heart, and an honest intention. And that’s just something the hardcore non-believers don’t have.

So as I was trying to make peaceful contact with benevolent beings, I was also inspecting my own beliefs and motivations.

Slowly, over maybe an hour, I calmed myself down – it took time to calm down, but I also took the time to open myself up. To inspect my motivations, and have acceptance of my own experiences, in a non-judgemental way.

Suddenly, at one point, I was out of body. I was maybe about six inches to the right of where my physical body was resting.

It was not like a normal out of body experience (OBE) – my typical OBEs have a build up of trancing out, balancing on the awake/asleep border, and small losses of consciousness here and there. Then usually an awareness that I can leave if I navigate to the right state of mind, and sometimes even violent sounds as I approach the correct state of mind.

This experience was not like that. I was alert, and still somewhat restless. I was maybe only in a slight trance, something I would consider far away from the OBE state of mind.

After getting knocked out of body, I started feeling a whooshing. This is somewhat common for me while out of body. I can’t see anything, but I get a sense of movement, with the sound of air blowing past me, and feeling a breeze on my non-physical skin.

I thought that perhaps I had succeeded in summoning some benevolent beings! In hindsight, there is always doubt, analysis, and questioning… but in the moment, I suspend all those thoughts and enjoy the ride. There is always time to overthink things afterwards.

I kept myself open, and felt acceptance from whatever beings I was interacting with. I didn’t hear any words, or see anything trippy (unlike the reddit poster), so I asked if they could shoot a magic beam to fix my vision.

I felt a beam hit my third eye region, maybe an inch to the left of the spot right between my eyebrows. I used my non-phyiscal arm to point to where I felt the beam hit.

Slowly, a vision or dream started to materialize in front of me. It was only a few seconds, but I was in my childhood home, at a small height. I thought: cool, maybe I am accessing an old memory of when I was a little kid, which is why my vision is lower to the ground?

I looked down and saw my adult arms, which nearly hung to the floor. This gave me a chuckle. I turned around to look in my old living room, because our furniture changed over the years, and seeing the furniture would help determine the time period.

Unfortunately, at that moment, my wife swung her arm on to my physical body in bed, and snapped me back. Some nights she can be very active (movement, mumbling, etc), and this was one of those nights.

I tried to settle down and get back, but spent more time just thinking about the experience instead. I developed a theory that maybe, if I actually did contact benevolent beings, they were interested in my memories. I tried contacting them again, and explicitly said I gave consent for them to access any of my memories, but couldn’t reconnect.

Then our alarm went off at 3am.

Side note: my wife later told me that she had a dream of aliens during the same time of my experience. The aliens told her that technology was making us smooth brained because it was thinking for us.

Sarcastic Wilson

Me and my wife have been trying to have OBEs using the wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) method once a week.

We wake up at 3am, stay awake for 10-15 minutes, then go back to bed and trance out.

This morning, since my wife was so active, I thought it would be better for me to try on the couch.

I set up the camera and laid down.

My current goal is to maintain the OBE state of mind without slipping into a dream. Not go out and explore, but instead stay put, and be more controlled.

After about two hours I realized I could navigate myself to the OBE state of mind.

I reminded myself of my goal to move slowly, and maintain control, without falling into a dream.

I moved to the OBE state of mind, and heard loud screeching sounds, which is pretty normal for me. I stayed calm and got through it.

Once I was able to leave, I still stayed with my physical body. I focused on speaking. It took a moment, but I was able to speak. I asked if anyone was there, and heard a response from an adult male.

The man was mostly friendly, but seemed a bit uninterested or annoyed by my presence.

During our conversation, I would slip into a dream, catch myself, return to my OBE state of mind, get my ability to speak, and continue the conversation – but that would create 15-30 second gaps to get through that process.

I asked him his name, and he responded Wilson. I asked him how old he was, because a previous experience I found myself talking to a child. He seemed annoyed at the question, and responded sarcastically, “eleven-teen thirty”.

In hindsight I think he was joking, but I didn’t pick up on it at the time. I tried to understand what “eleven-teen thirty” meant, and asked, “Is that the year you were born..?” He scoffed at me.

Eventually he laughed at me as I tried to regain the OBE state of mind, and left.

I slipped into a dream, and decided I should probably just wake up, because I wouldn’t remember everything since it was such a long night to begin with.

The footage showed me moving my jaw, as though I was talking, with my lips shut. This is also typical for me – I have multiple sessions of similar footage, as I make strange faces while trying to talk.

Thanks for reading, I know this was a long post, but I wanted to record it for my own posterity!

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