Body Sensations

Body Sensations

About a month ago, I started noticing a buzzing sensation in and around my body. I can feel it during the day… in fact, I can feel it right now, if I want.

Perhaps everyone can feel this and it isn’t special. If I relax slightly and focus on my body, there is a buzzing/electrical feeling. I think I never noticed it before because it’s always there, so I learned to tune it out. Sort of like the hum of your refrigerator – it turns on regularly to keep your food cold, but how often do you really notice?

During my meditations, I will sometimes turn my attention towards my body, and feel that buzzing really powerfully. It’s pretty cool!

A few times now, I will be focusing on my body during meditation, and I will feel my body energy dissipate and spread out. Then I’ll be able to leave my body.

It feels like a loosening. Like the energy was gripping my awareness tightly, and then it loosens the grip, like relaxation of a muscle.

The opposite also happens when I get sucked back into body – I will be out having an adventure, and I will feel this tightening, and snap back in. The body sensations will be instantly focused, and I will be awake in bed.

That makes me wonder about the relationship between these body sensations and getting out of body.

Part of me thinks that all these techniques for getting out of body are just useful distractions.

The goal is to maintain your awareness when your body falls asleep.

In the past, I used to get really relaxed during meditation, doing a progressive relaxation technique – go to each body part, and tell it to fall asleep. After 20 minutes, I thought I had hit the mind awake/body asleep state. Maybe that isn’t exactly accurate though.

Perhaps that’s just mind awake/body deeply relaxed.

Maybe this loosening moment is when the body actually falls asleep. Part of the reason I think this is because I can hear myself snore in this state of mind, whereas after progressive relaxation, I don’t hear myself snore.

And the tightening sensation is the body actually waking up.

What if our awareness is released from our body at this loosening moment? The body relaxes so much, it falls asleep, and releases its grip on the non-physical awareness.

By default, we go into a dream world, but I think in that moment we are actually at a crossroads – we can enter the dream world, or we can leave our body.

I’ve always wondered why our awareness is so stuck in our head. Why can’t I leave my body right now, willfully? If out of body experiences are real, in some sense, then the body must have a grip on our awareness that we can’t normally break.

But during sleep, we can sneak out. The body loosens its grip. For some reason, we typically go into a dream, or deep sleep – but going out of body is another option.

Just a thought! I will try leaving my body every time I go to sleep now, and see if I can maintain awareness.

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