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Cat Person and Geiger Results #4

Cat Person and Geiger Results #4

I had an out of body experience (OBE) on Wednesday morning, but only got out for 10 seconds or so, and hung upside down. It wasn’t noteworthy, so I didn’t post about it.

This morning, our dog woke me up at around 3am, pacing in the room. I put him back to bed, and thought I would try to have an OBE again.

I meditated for around an hour but didn’t get far, then flipped on to my side and relaxed more.

It wasn’t long and I found I could leave. I started playing with my vision. I laid in body, and turned on my non-physical vision, and it slowly faded in. Then I opened my physical eye and saw half my vision come from my body, and half from my non-physical body.

I stood up and thought: ok, now what? I didn’t really have a plan going into this. I centered myself and made sure I moved slow and stayed lucid.

I decided to mess with the Geiger counter. But this time I wasn’t going to be nice. I grabbed the laptop and the device, and threw them across the room. They scattered on to the floor. I figured that didn’t happen in reality (it didn’t), but oh well. I picked up more “copies” of the Geiger counter off my table, and threw them onto the floor with the rest.

(After checking the Geiger counter logs this morning, there is nothing anomalous for 3am-5am.)

Then I decided to head out the bedroom door.

I stopped at the hallway bathroom, and demanded better vision. Everything was dark and I wanted it brighter. Sometimes I can be a bit entitled while out of body, and I wasn’t sure if someone else was on the receiving end of my attitude – was I just talking to myself, and my entitlement didn’t matter, or was another being helping me with my vision? In which case, I was kind of being a jerk.

After thinking about that, I continued toward the living room with better vision.

In the living room, I saw a cat-person. It was about five feet tall, and standing next to our couch. It literally looked like a human child with the human head swapped out for a cat head.

I was thinking about spirit guides, so I was asking for my spirit guide to show themselves to me. I asked the cat-person, “doesn’t everyone have a spirit guide?” It said yes but didn’t seem very intelligent. I said “so where is mine?” It didn’t seem to understand. We have a lot of stray cats in our neighborhood, I wonder if there is a relation there.

I stepped outside, but I don’t remember what happened next.

I remember resetting, and getting out of body again, in the bedroom. The laptop and Geiger counters were still scattered on the floor, which surprised me. I went to the hallway, and saw activity in the kitchen.

I went to the kitchen and saw a pig/dog creature, making a mess.

My wife was there, and she said she adopted a pig. I freaked out at first, but then realized this must be a dream, and told her. She insisted it was real. I started looking around for proof it was a dream (I guess the pig wasn’t good enough?). I went to the bedroom and looked out our windows – instead of seeing our backyard, our house was four stories in the air, looking down on a parking lot.

I reported back with my findings – this is totally a dream. We started going upstairs. I asked her if she would remember any of this, and she said no. I got frustrated. (She said this morning she doesn’t remember that dream.)

I had more dreams after that, but don’t really remember specifics.

Another fun night!

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