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Date Experiment, Bizarro Land

Date Experiment, Bizarro Land

In my last out of body experience (OBE), I left the lamp on in the living room, then went to the living room while out of body, and the lamp was off.

It’s incredibly common for me to see a bizarro view of reality. Usually things start of pretty accurate, but as time goes on, the differences pile up. It will start with some minor inaccuracies (lamp is off), and end with a completely fantastical environment (strange creatures, unknown neighborhoods).

I had the thought: maybe I’m traveling through time, somehow, and seeing a past version of things?

That gave me an idea: I can tweak my Geiger counter setup so that the laptop always displays the current date/time:

(The “15” in the upper-right is the maximum number of Geiger counter clicks for a 5 second bucket.)

My hope is that I can check the laptop while out of body, and read the current date.

So this morning we did our normal Wednesday routine: we woke up at 3am, stayed up for 10 minutes, then tried to get out of body.

My goal was to get out, check the laptop, and sit on the couch for a long period of time.

After around 3 hours of effort, and tossing around a bit, I was finally able to leave.

I floated up to the ceiling, and put my hand in front of my face in order to help turn on my vision. This technique works really well for me – at first I see blackness, but then I’m able to make out a faint silhouette of my hand, and eventually see things in a dark gray/blue color.

I couldn’t find the laptop though. I had good movement control and lucidity, but was very disoriented. I tried for a while, returning to body, and getting back out, restarting my vision, floating around in the bedroom, etc. I was just too confused.

So I skipped the laptop, and headed out to the living room to sit on the couch. I floated down the hallway, and plopped onto the couch. Last time, it felt like I was walking, but this time I noticed I was actually floating.

I started to think about how it was cool that I was floating, and then the couch started to float with me – we lifted into the air about 10 feet. I realized that this was going to be a crazy experience, so I gave up on sitting peacefully on the couch.

I decided to just have some fun, and went out the front door, completely expecting to see some bizarro silliness.

To my surprise, even though the neighborhood was inaccurate compared to reality, it was the same location as my previous OBE – there was a roundabout in front of the house, with a large tree in the middle. No cat this time (I checked). It was muddy outside.

I decided to go back inside, and try the laptop again.

At this point, reality was completely fantastical. I was 100% lucid – I would recenter myself by looking at my hand if needed, then continue.

I went down the hallway, and there was a laptop in the bedroom, but it was in the wrong location. It was running Windows XP, and not my software. I tried finding a calendar app to check the date, but no luck.

I went out the room, and into the next room. It had the wrong items in it. I thought about going back into the bedroom, and realized I could probably just go right through the wall, and did that.

I left the bedroom, and noticed a mirror. I looked at myself. My hair was long, and I had bald spots. When I looked straight into the mirror, my reflection’s eyes looked to the side, instead of directly at me.

I went back down the hallway, and noticed how the architecture of the house didn’t make sense – the hallway was too long, and the kitchen too short, leaving a large unused space.

Again, I was completely lucid, and understood this at the moment. The specific details surprised me, but the overall bizarro nature did not surprise me, because I knew this was typical.

I went back outside, and the roundabout and tree were still there, but now it was sunny instead of muddy. Our dog was sitting outside, and we went for a walk. He got into a scuffle with some other neighborhood dogs, but it didn’t bother me.

I snapped back to my body, and woke up.

How do other people report such spiritual and consistent experiences while out of body? My environment is completely wacky. Maybe I will get better over time.

It sounds like a dream when written down, but feels completely different as I’m experiencing it. I have no clue what it is.

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