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Electromagnetic Field Detector

Electromagnetic Field Detector

Since I haven’t been having much luck influencing my Geiger counter, I decided to add a new device to my soul-detector setup 😜 – the Cornet ED88TPlus5G2.

(The Geiger counter is on the left, and the new device is on the right.)

The device detects electromagnetic (EM) fields, in four different modes.

Currently, I’m using the E-field mode, which detects EM radiation from 50Hz to 50KHz.

I’m able to stream the data to my laptop, and record the measurements, just like I can with the Geiger counter.

It’s incredibly sensitive – moving my hand in front of the device, or even orienting it differently in the same space, will cause the meter to spike. Thankfully I was able to find a location I could rest the device where it wasn’t picking up any EM radiation.


The next step is trying to influence it while out of body.

This morning, me and my wife woke up at 3am, and went back to bed in order to meditate and get out of body. We have a routine of doing this every Wednesday morning.

I meditated from 3am to 5am, then rolled over to try and leave my body.

I kept trancing out and slipping into sleep, but was able to regain focus, and push myself out by staring intently at the back of my eyelids.

I floated over to the laptop, and checked for the date. (I now display the date in large font on the laptop, so that hopefully I can read it while out of body.)

Unfortunately, the laptop screen was black.

I reached down and put my hand in front of the EM detector. I messed with it for a minute or so.

Unfortunately (again), things started to become weird. This transition to a bizarro world is very common for me, and has a knack for foiling my plans.

I went to the mirror in our bedroom, and saw myself. I was evaluating the “realness” and concluded that everything looked incredibly real.

Then, one of my old highschool friends appeared in the mirror beside me. I realized it didn’t make any sense, but was still evaluating how “real” it looked, and was perplexed that it still looked totally real.

My friend crawled out of the mirror, and I interacted with him briefly, but don’t remember the specifics – then other entities were in the room, but my memory is blurry. I think I descended into a dream.

I did reset and get out of body again, but I can’t remember the order of events. Either way, that was basically my experience, it didn’t last much longer.

When I woke up I checked the EM logs to see if I influenced it – nope! No abnormal spikes for that period of time.

Oh well, it’s still fun to try!

I think one issue is that the laptop is only a couple feet from me in bed. Being so close to my body contributes to my disorientation and confusion.

I think if I move the laptop to the living room or dining room, then I will be able to get further away from my body before I start interacting with it, which might help maintaining stability.

I’ll try that next week.

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