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Failed Perception

Failed Perception

In my last post I outlined a new experiment, where my wife selects a random object via dice roll, and I try and perceive it while out of body.

I’ve been trying the past couple weeks to repeat the experiment, but two weeks ago our dog kept us awake pacing in the room, and a week ago I fell asleep during meditation.

So this morning I was determined to get out and have some fun!

I meditated from 3:15am to around 4:25am, until I felt a release, and was able to exit. My body parts were getting very distorted, but I stayed calm and playful. I exited the bedroom, and rushed down the hallway to see the object.

I perceived that the cabinet was moved away from the wall. I saw yellow legal paper, like a birth certificate. I saw a silver key, and played with it for a moment. I saw two pairs of black sunglasses.

I looked around more, and saw a Klein bottle on the floor, behind the cabinet.

I debated whether I should analyze or move on – I thought: right now, just collect the data, and don’t judge. I can judge in the morning.

I saw my wife and had a short interaction with her, then returned to my body (she doesn’t remember this).

I wrote down my experience, then decided to try and get out again, but now completely free of the obligation of conducting any experiment.

I don’t remember exiting, but I do remember being in the dining room, and seeing black sunglasses with thin yellow strips on them. The real sunglasses are solid yellow, but I thought that at least gave me better confirmation than my previous experience.

I proceeded to go outside, and have a very fantastical adventure, involving a psychic medium, a large dog beast, UFO swarms, aliens, and even meeting and having a conversation with an alien in his UFO, which looked like the interior of a tree house. His name is Urn.

Of course, I am incredibly skeptical any of that actually happened! In fact, I have been thinking about my overall strategy…

My current technique has been to use the wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) method, which involves waking up at 3am, staying awake for 10 minutes, then going back to bed to meditate.

Perhaps my “bizarro” adventures are REM kicking in after I leave my body, and it’s somehow injecting dream delusions into my experiences?

I have great success with WBTB, or so I thought – it seems like I have a 95% success rate, but maybe a lot of those are dreams due to REM?

I want to experiment with other techniques that don’t put me near REM. Unfortunately, this will mean my success rate will plumet, but I think I should at least try.

That being said: did I perceive the physical object correctly?

Well, no – the real physical object was a wooden deer:

However, upon looking around in the morning, I did notice two black sunglasses, close by:

Were these the two black sunglasses I saw?

Well, they didn’t look like that, but nothing looks the same, so who knows.

Still, I think I have to consider the experiment a failure, because I didn’t see anything close to the wooden deer. Also it’s a bit unfair to start searching around the house for anything similar to what I saw – we have crap all over the house, I will be bound to find something that vaguely matches.

I will try some techniques other than WBTB and see how that goes!

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