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Geiger Counter Results #1

Geiger Counter Results #1

I was able to get out of body last night twice, and while out, I messed with the Geiger counter. Cutting to the chase: after checking in the morning, I don’t see any indication that I influenced the Geiger counter. I will keep trying!

Now for more background…

I have been running the Geiger counter for the past couple weeks, collecting a baseline of data.

Finally, last night, I was able to get out of body – twice!

We did our normal method, where we wake up at 3:00am, stay awake for about 10 minutes, then go back to bed.

After a while of meditating, I was able to leave my body. I felt hands on my ankles, helping to pull me out. I sent out some gratitude but never saw anyone.

I floated above the bed, and rotated perpendicular to my body, then flung myself head-over-heals towards the Geiger counter. I aimed my head for the sensor, and passed right into it.

After waiting a couple seconds, I grabbed the device with my non-physical hands. I picked up the device, then immediately realized it didn’t make sense – there’s no way I would be able to move the device in real life. I looked back at the bed, and saw my wife in bed, and my physical body wasn’t there, which I also recognized was strange. I jumped at my wife and grabbed her shoulders, then went back in my body.

I considered trying again in that moment, but thought I should check my clock, so I would know where to look at the logged data. It was 4:59am. I settled in and tried again.

I got out again, and went straight to the Geiger counter. I ran my hands around the device’s sensor, in a circular motion. I was pretty excited I was able to get out twice! I jumped back in my body, and checked the clock: 5:24am.

After that, I tranced out some more, and just had some fun dreams (I think they were dreams?).

This morning, I checked the logged data.

This is the graph of the data during the two events.

The graph is generated by bucketing clicks into 5 second windows. So every 5 seconds, a new bucket is created, and the clicks go into that bucket.

Each X pixel is a new bucket, so each X pixel represents 5 seconds.

Each click is graphed as 10 Y pixels, so for example, the largest blue line is 150 pixels tall, which represents 15 clicks in that 5 second span.

I highlighted two regions of the graph in orange – one from 4:49am-4:59am, and another from 5:14am-5:24am. As you can see, those regions don’t look particularly interesting.

Oh well! That’s the data.

Assuming I didn’t make any mistakes, which is very possible 😄. (EDIT: I did make mistakes! But even after fixing them, there wasn’t anything noteworthy.)

I didn’t try influencing the Geiger counter for long – maybe a total of 10 seconds each time. I think next time I will try harder. This time I was pretty excited just to get out and reach the Geiger counter.

Thanks for reading!

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