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Geiger Counter Results #2

Geiger Counter Results #2

Last night my wife and I did our normal routine of trying to leave our bodies. We woke up at 3am, stayed up for 10 minutes, then went back to bed.

My goal has been to influence my Geiger counter. Last week I was able to get out and interact with it, but the readings didn’t show anything.

This time I decided to be more aggressive.

I tranced out for 3 hours, but only got out once for a split second. It felt like I was trying too hard. At 6:47am, I figured if I laid down and tried to sleep, I would have more luck.

From 6:47am-7:20am, I got out multiple times and made my way over to the Geiger counter. One time in particular, I was pushing my entire non-physical arm through the sensor, over and over. I wasn’t holding back!

Here is the graph for that time period:

Each pixel in the X direction represents a 5 second bucket, and each 10 pixels in the Y direction represents a click from the sensor.

The region highlighted is the time period when I estimate I was out of body.

There is a peak in the middle, at 14 clicks for a 5 second window, which is higher than normal. Typically the sensor averages between 5-6 clicks per 5 seconds. However, 14 clicks isn’t completely unheard of… it does happen from time to time.

Maybe I influenced it, but maybe not. I will have to keep trying!

Even though I moved my non-physical arm very aggressively, maybe that is an ineffective method. Next time I’ll try beaming some energy at the sensor – whatever that means 😄.

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