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Geiger Counter Results #3

Geiger Counter Results #3

Last night I had an out of body experience.

I drank some water before bed (intentionally), and woke up to use the restroom at 2:45am. I laid back down, and tried really hard to maintain my awareness without falling asleep immediately.

As a side note, that state of mind is really cool – the mild hallucinations are very persuasive and it’s very easy to get sucked into the dream world. With great effort, I was able to maintain awareness, and after about 20 minutes, the pull of the dream state subsided, and I could relax.

Lately I have been trying a little too hard to get out of body… there is a subtle balance. You have to try hard enough to maintain awareness, but not so hard that you are rigid or forceful. The mind needs to relax! Relaxation is key. But focus needs to be maintained.

Also, sleep is not necessarily relaxed. You can fall asleep out of mental exhaustion. That is wrong too. Relax!

Anyways, eventually I noticed I could wiggle out of body.

I pivoted myself up in bed, then pivoted back down towards the Geiger counter. My vision was black. I felt the rim of the sensor with my hand, and started hammering away at it.

For fun, I opened my physical eyes – I could see out of my physical body, but felt my non-physical hands on the sensor. It was pretty trippy!

Eventually I returned, and checked the clock: 4:24am. Here is a graph from the Geiger counter with 4:14am-4:24am highlighted in orange:

Each pixel on the X-axis represents a 5 second bucket. Each 10 pixels on the Y-axis represents a click received by the device.

There are a couple small peaks, but nothing too crazy – the highest point represents 13 clicks in a 5 second period.

I did get out of body again, and had really cool visuals of floating in space, with stars (points of light) rotating around me. At one point I returned and told my wife about “4:24am”, but this was probably a dream.

On another note, I did find a bug in my graphing software. If a 5 second bucket contained 0 clicks, then my graphs would ignore it – which is incorrect. I fixed the bug, thankfully, but that does mean that my previous results (here and here) are probably highlighting the wrong time period.

Either way, my goal is to see a large spike, which I have not seen yet – but it’s good I caught the bug. I still have the raw data and can always analyze it in different ways, if needed.

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