Inner Demons (LD29) Postmortem

Voting has officially ended for Ludum Dare 29. My entry was ranked as follows:

Rank (of 1493) Category Rating Percent Improvement
#63 Mood 3.88 95.8% +31.9%
#70 Humor 3.64 95.3% +22.0%
#101 Innovation 3.88 93.2% +26.5%
#116 Overall 3.76 92.2% +23.3%
#148 Fun 3.60 90.1% +10.9%
#149 Audio 3.50 90.0% N/A
#227 Theme 3.64 84.8% +52.3%
#551 Graphics 3.17 63.1% -8.0%

Average score: 88.1% (+23.0% improvement from previous entry)

If you’re curious, you can play my game, Inner Demons! Let’s dive into the postmortem…

First, I feel great about the results. I increased my ranking significantly from Diner Devil! in December. I feel as though Inner Demons is representative of my skills, so the rankings mean that much more to me. Overall: I am very happy.

What Went Right

  1. Time management was perfect. I had a playable game by noon on Saturday. By the time I went to bed on Saturday night, I had a “completed” game, which gave me all of Sunday for audio and polish. I finished on Sunday with six hours to spare.
  2. The story is compelling enough to turn some heads. Yes, it’s a bit strange – but strange can be good. Some people saw the twist coming from a mile away… other people weren’t impressed… but most feedback I received was that the twist was well done.
  3. “Mood” was my target, and it was my highest ranking category, putting me in the top 5%. Story and audio can do amazing things… it’s too bad my previous game barely had any!

What Went Wrong

  1. Graphics. By far. It’s my lowest ranking category, and I agree with the community. Compared to other games, my graphics are quite ugly. They’re not “charming” in any way, and look like childish MS Paint.
  2. Gameplay mechanics were a bit weak. The mace game in particular received a lot of complaints about the difficult controls. I thought it was obvious (and it was, to me!), but I was wrong.
  3. Audio is good, but could have been a bit better. I got lazy towards the end, and just looped the main bass line. I had plenty of time to add more variety – I just didn’t.


I am very happy with my performance, ranking, and most importantly: the game I created. I was happy with the game the moment I finished. I’m glad I took a creative risk, and I think it paid off.

That being said: I need to beef up my graphics skills. I need to find a style that I can create great graphics quickly. I also need to work on more intuitive controls. I think I will focus on controls and innovative/fun gameplay in August, with a secondary focus on graphics.

It was great seeing all the games everyone else made, and it’s always fun hanging out in the chat room and talking to other like-minded people. Thanks for all the feedback, and I’ll see you in August!

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posted 20 May 2014 by Sean
tags: ludum dare, postmortem

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