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LED Experiment, Interesting Results

LED Experiment, Interesting Results

I had an interesting out of body experience (OBE) this morning, but I need to explain the changes I’ve made to my sensor setup in order to explain everything fully.

Currently, my sensor setup consists of:

  1. Cheap Lenovo laptop (100e Gen 2, $247)
  2. Geiger counter (PRM-9000, $734)
  3. Eletromagnetic (EM) detector (Cornet ED88TPlus5G2, $220)
  4. LED strip (Amazon, $70)

The Geiger counter and EM detector are connected to the laptop, and recording their readings to log files. I have this running all the time, so that I can collect a large amount of data, to compare anything anomalous if needed.

I’ve written more about the Geiger counter, and the EM detector. I recently moved the entire setup in the dining room, away from our bed.

I also recently added the strip of LED lights:

This idea came from my last OBE, where I saw the laptop screen as black while out of body. I thought: maybe I’m seeing outside the visible light spectrum? Which could explain why I didn’t see anything on the laptop, and why vision while out of body has a strange gray/blue glow to it.

So I bought a bunch of different LEDs from Amazon, including infrared and ultraviolet, and wired them up. Would I see all the lights while out of body, or only some of them?

On top of that, on the laptop itself, I have written software to display the recent data:

When you first start the software, it just displays a graph of the Geiger counter clicks, and the EM meter readings, in 5 second buckets.

When you click the screen, it overlays the following information:

  1. Three random letters, logged and changed every 5 minutes
  2. Recent max for the Geiger counter clicks
  3. Recent max for the EM meter
  4. Current date and time

The idea here is that maybe I can read these values while out of body.

If I can read the random letters, that would prove I’m perceiving reality while out of body.

If I can read the date/time and it isn’t correct, that could indicate I’m time traveling.

Lastly, I can use the recent max values to try and influence the sensors while out of body, and get immediate feedback.

Ok, so that’s the setup.

Since my last experience, I have moved the setup, and added the LEDs, so I was very excited to put myself to the test.

We woke up at 3am, stayed up for 10 minutes, and went back to bed, with the intention of having an OBE. I’ve been incredibly successful with this method, with about a 95% success rate.

After an hour of meditating, I rolled over, and tried to fall asleep while maintaining awareness.

I used my three word mantra technique, with the words love (to combat fear), clarity (to combat delusion), and precision (to combat getting carried away).

I felt my body fall asleep, so I got out, and went for the bedroom door. We leave the door cracked, and I opened the door a little more as I was leaving. I noticed immediately that since I moved the door, that must not have happened in reality.

I walked down the hallway and put my hand in front of my face in order to bring my vision completely online. I turned into the dining room, and noticed a ladder up against the wall. I knew that was inaccurate too, and called it out immediately. I was determined not to be fooled!

I looked at the LEDs – they were all off. I inspected them closely, paying special attention to the infrared ones, since that was my primary hypothesis. Off.

I checked the laptop. Only the graph was displayed – there were no random letters or date/time.

I went back to the LEDs. The shelf that the sensors were on had become slightly larger, like a table. There were small cardboard boxes on the table.

I called bullshit immediately! I was not fooled!

I threw the cardboard on the ground, and shouted “I don’t want to see any shit! I must see things accurately!” The cardboard faded away.

I returned to the LEDs, and saw the green (520nm) LED was on, and the rest were off. This fascinated me. I looked closer, and now the red (620nm) one was on, and the green was off. Then the orange (606nm) one was on, and the red was off.

I thought: what haven’t I seen? Infrared still, and the violets. I looked again at the infrared, but they remained off, and looked for the violets, and they remained off.

I stood there, happy with my experiment, thinking it was basically a success! I was able to get out and maintain clarity without being fooled.

I decided to look around… I went to the living room, and noticed that I walked to the living room. I thought: I can float too, right? So I floated around the living room without lifting my legs.

I thought maybe I should try and read the random letters again, and went back to the dining room. I saw our small dog come out of the bedroom, and run up to me. I gave him a big hug and pet.

I went back to the laptop, but didn’t see any letters – only the graph. Things were starting to get wacky. I played with the laptop some more, and tried influencing the EM meter, but was getting confused.

I returned to my body to reset.

Again, I thought I should get the random letters, but realized laying in bed that I couldn’t – they weren’t displayed.

I exited again, but was in complete bizarro land at this point. There was a man with a lawnmower, who was spooked seeing me, and tried to run me over. I let him, in order to demonstrate to him (and myself) that a lawnmower couldn’t hurt me. I floated through a window, and went back to my body, where my wife was being disruptive and trying to wake me up (this wasn’t happening in reality).

I woke up, figuring that I should probably write everything down.

Upon getting up in the morning, I checked the laptop. The random letters weren’t displayed!

This surprised me! When I reset the logs in the evening, I must have forgotten to click the screen, in order to display the large text.

Did I accurately perceive that the large text wasn’t being displayed?


Or maybe I subconsciously remembered that I didn’t click the screen, so it was stuck displaying only the graph.

Or maybe just coincidence.

Still, that was cool!

I expected to see large text while out of body, and didn’t see it, after multiple tries. And upon waking and checking the laptop, I was surprised to see that was accurate – I forgot to show the large text after cycling the logs.

That is very interesting!

Thanks for reading!

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