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Maintaining Lucidity

Maintaining Lucidity

I was able to get out of body this morning at around 5:30am, using the wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) technique.

My only goal was to take my time and stay lucid, without getting carried away.

My technique was to stop regularly and look at my hands until my vision/lucidity stabilized. In summary, it worked great!

Normally, when having adventures in the bizarro out-of-body world, it’s quite easy to get carried away, where you stop questioning what you’re experiencing, and in a more reactive state of mind. It reminds me of dreaming in that sense – you kind of forget your train of thought, and start accepting whatever happens to you, going from one thing to the next.

By stopping regularly to look at my hands, I was able to recover multiple times to prevent myself from slipping into that reactive state of mind.

I will record my actual experience, but I’m not sure how useful it will be. It reads like a dream, and has a lot of nonsense in it. Still, if you’re curious, this is what I experienced this morning:

I meditated for around an hour, then rolled over to put my body to sleep. This technique works great for me. My goal is to simply maintain awareness while falling asleep, no real trick here.

I felt myself start wiggling around, and navigated towards the bedroom door. I put my hands in front of my face in order to try and get my vision online. Slowly, the outline of my hands became visible, and then more clear.

I walked to the living room, and remembered my goal was to maintain lucidity no matter what. So I stared at my hands longer, and increased my clarity.

I played with my vision a bit more. I had tunnel vision, with distortions around the outer ring of my field of view. It resembled looking through a dark tube. Still, I stayed calm.

I thought about what to do, and decided to go outside. I phased through the door, and was in the front yard. The neighborhood didn’t look accurate, which is typical for me, and I noticed it immediately.

I walked around a little bit, and met a woman. I asked her if she was alive, and what she thought this (bizarro reality) was. She said she was alive and that this was a way for her to be in multiple places at once.

I walked across the street and met a man, and then reset back to my body.

I got out of body again, and was immediately in the house I grew up in as a child. I walked downstairs and got a kick out of seeing my old house. I continued to focus on my hands at times in order to maintain lucidity.

I went to the back door and let out our dogs. I saw letters on the counter top and read a couple. They were notes about school and graduation.

I went back upstairs and saw my wife in one of the rooms. I spoke with her and tried to help her get out of body, but it didn’t work.

Reset back to my body, and got out again. I was back in my childhood house. I went to the front yard and looked at the sky, it was beautiful. I was very appreciative and flew around in the sky for a little bit. My vision started to blur excessively, so I looked at my hands, and regained it.

I walked down the road and saw a large bird. I continued to the highway down the road.

I flew into a random car. There was an old man in there. I tried talking to him, but he wasn’t responsive. The car behind had a man it in too, so I started to talk to him instead. He said he was alive but had to get back to his body because he had to wake up and go to work. He seemed bummed out.

Flew into a building, and sat with a couple other people. Discussed more on what people thought we were experiencing. One person said they thought it was an alternate dimension. No one knew, everyone just had different ideas.

Reset and got out again. Immediately was in front of a very angry man with a gun. He put the gun to my head. I was confused at his behavior, and explained to him that I couldn’t be hurt here, so he could shoot me, but it wouldn’t do anything. He pulled the trigger and nothing happened. I pushed his gun away and got into a little scuffle with him, then returned to my body.

Upon returning, I had a false awakening of being stuck in the covers. Through great effort I was able to pierce the false awakening and actually wake up in bed. Then I decided I better write everything down, or I would forget it.

I’m not sure what to make of the experience. Maybe it’s just a different kind of lucid dream or vivid hallucination. Or maybe it is some alternate dimension where we go when we dream, and different people have different levels of awareness. Or maybe we all go there when we dream, and we forget. Who knows. Certainly no one I talked to knew what was going on!

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