Messing With My Double

Messing With My Double

Last night we used the wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) method, and I was able to eventually leave my body using my three word mantra technique. The mantra I used this time was: love & respect, deliberate, and communion (technically four words, but whatever).

My goal was to go slow, and move deliberately.

After what seemed to be a while, I felt a whoosh come over me. I knew instantly I could leave my body, if I wanted. Instead, I played with the state of mind a bit.

Lately I’ve been practicing what I call “resetting”, where I return to my body and become aware of my physical surroundings. A lot of times I seem to accidentally slip into a dream-like state, so I am now very cautious about each mental progression during the experience, and will “reset” regularly to start over.

After the initial whoosh, I heard a pulsating white noise. We also sleep with rain music every night, and I could hear both the rain sounds, and the white noise. It would fade in slowly, then fade out quickly.

I played with this for a long time, trying to notice the transition between being aware of my surroundings, and hearing the noise. I couldn’t figure out how to progress past the white noise, and started trying different things.

Eventually, I focused on my sight. I focused my eyes on my eyelids, and that did it. I was able to feel my non-physical body separate, and could slowly move and rotate it in different directions.

At one point I had a lump in my throat, so I reset, cleared my throat, and got back out. I was pretty happy with my ability to return and get out again quickly. In the past, I would have avoided clearing my throat as long as possible, under the belief that I wouldn’t be able to leave once I returned.

I thought I would try and narrate with my physical body what I was seeing with my non-physical body. My wife was next to me in bed, so I was hoping she would hear me (later, she told me she didn’t).

Then I thought I should try and yank her out of her body.

I got out, stood next to the bed, saw her laying in bed, and yanked her by the arm. She stood up next to me. I tried talking to her, but she didn’t respond. I used hand signals to get her attention, and she told me she couldn’t hear me.

We both left the bedroom and went to the living room. The living room was large and had a Christmas tree in it (not matching physical reality). I reset.

Afterwords I asked if she remembered the experience – she said no.

I left again, and found myself on a bench, in my childhood house. I thought I would inspect my physical body, but the bench was empty. As I was looking around, I ran into a double of myself. He looked just like me, and was walking around the house too.

I found it so funny… I went up to him and started joking around. I inspected his face closely, and it matched mine exactly – I started to pretend I was looking in a mirror, and moving around erratically, and he copied my movements as a joke, slightly delayed because he was responding to me.

We both had a good laugh at the silliness, and I told him to go have a fun adventure. I reset.

Then my alarm clock went off.

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