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Misty Arm Experience

Misty Arm Experience

Me and my wife have been trying to have out of body experiences (OBEs). Last week I didn’t succeed, but this week I did.

Our technique is to wake up at 2:00am, then go back to bed at around 2:15am, laying on the covers and trancing out.

It took a long time, but at around 6:00am, I noticed I was able to leave.

I induced a falling sensation, and felt myself falling with wind whooshing past me. I had a little chuckle because I realized I wasn’t really falling, but still heard and felt the whooshing.

My goal was to stay near my body, because I was thinking that if I went far, I would fall into a dream quickly.

I got my non-physical arm out, and was waving it in the air, looking at it. It looked like translucent mist. Usually when I do this, my arm will look like rippling glass, refracting the light… so seeing mist instead was a surprise to me.

As I was looking at my arm, I saw my camera, which I had set up to record the experience. I started trying to wave in front of the camera, and put my arm through the camera.

I wasn’t sure I was getting anywhere, so I decided to mess with my face, since I knew the camera could see my face pretty well. I used my non-physical hand to push and poke my face, squeezing my cheeks. Here’s a clip:

At this point, I started to lose it… I thought my physical body had fallen off my pillows, and onto the bed. I saw my wife come into the room, and had a short conversation with her. None of this actually happened though. Then I blacked out.

This morning I reviewed the footage from the camera. Unfortunately, there isn’t any misty ghost arm on camera 😀. However, my face does become contorted at one point, I believe at the point where I was messing with it. It looks like my facial muscles are flexing, I think? The video is low light, so it’s hard to tell.

I’ll have to mess with this some more.

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