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More Real Than Reality

More Real Than Reality

I woke up at around 4am to use the restroom, and thought, why not try and contact some benevolent beings like last time?

(Side note: I don’t claim any of my experiences are real, and instead I focus on having fun and being kind.)

My wife is quite active in her sleep, so as I laid down to try and trance out, she would periodically bang into me or mumble something. At first I thought I would never succeed with such a distraction, but it actually ended up helping me out, because I fell asleep a few times by accident, and she inadvertently woke me back up to try again.

I tried reaching out and inviting some benevolent beings to say hello.

At some point, I realized I could leave my body.

I whooshed around, with no vision. Since I was trying to contact benevolent beings, I figured maybe they helped me get out, so I tried to talk to them, with no luck.

I tried hard to maintain the correct state of mind without accidentally slipping into a dream, and did pretty well! I played around, whooshing blindly in our room, for maybe a half hour. Trying different things, returning to my body, getting interrupted by my wife, getting back out, etc. For example, I took some time to feel around my non-physical body, and realized I was wearing shorts in my non-physical form (but no shirt).

At some point, I had the idea that if I wanted my vision to kick on, then I should whoosh myself over to the living room, then wait patiently until vision of our living room came into focus. It worked!

I knew that I was at high risk of slipping into a dream, but my mind was very alert, so I told myself to constantly check to make sure I was in the correct state of mind.

I looked around the living room, then went outside.

I looked up into the sky and saw a new reality materialize over everything. It was super high definition with vibrant colors. It looked more real than reality.

The best analogy I can come up with is for people over 40 – in the 90’s, we grew up with low resolution TVs. Then HD came out. I remember seeing an HD TV for the first time, it was mind blowing. I never realized traditional TVs were so blurry until I saw an HD TV.

That was the same sensation. The sky, the stars, the colors, were so vivid and clear. There was a visual clarity, but also a mental clarity.

I’ve had that experience a couple times in the past while dreaming, but it’s quite rare for me. Usually my dreams are fleeting with abstract elements that haven’t been filled in completely. This clarity wasn’t like that – everything had detail.

I explored around in this new world, and interacted with different creatures and people that I found there. The experience lasted maybe 5-10 minutes. I kept checking in with myself, and it felt real, even though I realized the situation was quite fantastical.

I woke up, and still had such mental clarity. It left me with the impression that this world – the real world – is a trip, like going to school. A journey through a manufactured environment for our own development.

I know that is a common feeling/belief, but it was interesting that this mental clarity left me with that impression. Maybe others have had similar experiences, and this feeling is where those beliefs come from.

Who knows what’s real, or what that question even means – either way, this was a really cool and fun experience!

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