Odyssey (LD30) Postmortem

Results are out for Ludum Dare 30, and my game Odyssey did pretty damn good!

Rank (of 1493) Category Rating
#13 Fun 4.11
#24 Theme 4.16
#34 Overall 4.00
#60 Innovation 4.00
#200 Mood 3.45
#269 Audio 3.22
#337 Humor 2.71
#484 Graphics 3.19

The #13 ranking in Fun just blows me away! My aggregate rating is 93.6% (+0.1% from last time).

Look! I’m in the top 25!



What Went Right

  1. The game is fun! Which was my primary focus this LD. I wanted a unique and interesting mechanic, and people seemed to really enjoy it.
  2. I’ve got time management down to a science. The game was good enough for submission by Saturday night, which gave me all of Sunday for audio, level design, and tweaking.
  3. Overall, the game is a nice, polished experience. The camera is well done, the controls are good enough (though could be better), and the animated title screen is a nice touch.

What Went Wrong


Sweet mother, I always get hammered by graphics! :-(

I thought I did pretty good this time, but looking at other submissions, I see I still have a long way to go. The good news is that it’s easy to compare myself against better submissions.

For example, take a look at Good News Delivery Co. by DragonXVI:

Good News Delivery Co. by DragonXVI

Good News Delivery Co. by DragonXVI

Compare this against Odyssey:

Odyssey by velipso

Odyssey by velipso

Good News Delivery Co. is a game where you are a spaceship traversing between planets – just like mine. Yet it (rightfully) ranked much higher in graphics: #29 versus my #484. Playing the game gives me hints at how I can improve:

  1. The screen is bigger, which gives more room to show off the graphics.
  2. The planets have glow and shading applied to them, with a smoother overall texture.
  3. Space has softer stars, with bluish gas clouds.
  4. The spaceship is much more easily recognizable.
  5. A lot more particle effects.

This is one reason why I love game jams so much: I get to see how I rank against my peers, and learn from them when they school me :-).


So… yes. I still have to work on my graphics. But overall, I am really happy with my game, and blown away at the #13 in Fun. That really gives me a shot of confidence that I am on the right track.

That being said, I still have a lot to learn from the people who consistently rank high. But they better watch out – I am persistent :-).

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posted 19 Sep 2014 by Sean
tags: ludum dare, postmortem

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