Ominous Monologue Experience

Ominous Monologue Experience

My wife and I have been trying to have out of body experiences once a week.

Last night, we did the wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) method, which works most of the time for me. We set the alarm for 3:00am, got up for about 10 minutes, then settled back in to trance out.

At around 5:20am I finally got out.

My goal this time was to stay calm and move slowly.

I typically get distracted and my experiences turn into a little bit of a frenzy towards the end, as I realize I don’t have much time left. Instead, I want to try and stay calm, and extend the length of my experience.

I was trancing out, balancing between sleep and wakefulness, when I noticed a distinct click. It wasn’t audible, but it was a noticeable shift from normal trance, to being slightly out of alignment with my physical body.

I knew I could leave, but I wanted to stay calm, and go slow. I wanted to sit in this moment for a little bit, and see if I could stay here without losing focus.

I have a bit of a habit of asking for help, as soon as I get out. Usually nothing happens, so I kind of do it without thinking, and don’t really expect much.

So I asked for help, and continued to stay calm.

To my surprise, I heard a voice. It was my voice! Or someone who sounded an awful lot like me.

It sounded like a record player suddenly kicked on. The sound was grainy, similar to my baby crying experience, like it was a recording.

The voice started to deliver a very long and ominous monologue. At first I tried to memorize word for word, but it quickly became too much to take in. At one point, the voice seemed to mock me that it was purposely saying a lot so I wouldn’t be able to remember.

I got the impression the voice was trying to scare me. There were distant voices of crying and suffering, as though it was trying to project an idea of hell.

I found it a bit silly, and stupid, to be honest.

For a moment I checked – am I in any actual danger? I looked around the room and didn’t see anything. I was half expecting to see some demon huddled in the corner, but nope, nothing.

I became a little defiant. I was a bit offended that this voice was trying to intimidate me. At this point I was losing my grip, and was slipping into a dream. I demanded, “Name yourself!” It replied “Disappointing nimbo”.


I snapped back in my body and was awake. I thought about trying to get back out, but my body was fully awake, and would have taken me some time to put it back to sleep.

After waking, and having thought about it, I’m not sure what to make of it. Perhaps it was an auditory version of the old hag syndrome. I have had visual hallucinations before during sleep paralysis that attempt to scare me into waking up, and this seems in the same basic category.

Speaking of disappointment, I am disappointed that I got distracted! I specifically wanted to stay calm and sit in the OBE-state for a longer amount of time, but this silly voice agitated me and I lost focus.

I will try again next week.

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