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Shot With A Beam

Shot With A Beam

When I went to bed, I thought to myself: if I can wake up naturally at 4am, then that will give me enough time to try and get out of body.

Thankfully, my wife got up at 4am to use the restroom, and I woke up. I used my new technique, where I open my eyes whenever my mind drifts during meditation, to force myself to stay awake. It was quite a battle! I could barely keep my mind focused for more than a few seconds.

Still, I fought through it, and eventually was able to leave my body.

There were no vibrations, I just noticed I was able to move my awareness outside my head, and started rotating and floating in different directions. I could just barely see – it was mostly black.

I looked at my hands and they were nearly transparent, with a slight dark glow around the edges.

I wanted to experiment with teleporting my vision to a distant location… I am experimenting with the idea that maybe the concept of a non-physical body is unnecessary, and I can navigate by vision alone.

I was looking for my van, which I had just sold the day before. I traveled over a large body of water, and saw a van in an apartment parking lot. It didn’t look like my van though. I considered it a failed experiment and returned to my body.

I saw a device in the corner of the room. It was very dark and my vision wasn’t that clear. Someone offered to turn on the device for me, and shoot me with it. I accepted the offer.

A beam came out and hit me. Suddenly things started to become more vivid. The darkness of the room faded away, and was replaced by a colorful glowing room. I looked at my hands, and they were solid. I easily got up from the bed, and walked over to the device.

A woman was operating it.

I thanked her, and noticed I spoke with a strange accent that I didn’t recognize.

I began peppering her with questions: How was the device made? Why is there a device in the first place? Can’t you just do whatever you want here?

She seemed confused at the line of questioning. She didn’t seem very interested in the device and said that whoever made it must have just collected materials and assembled the device..? This didn’t make any sense to me, and she left before I could ask her more.

I turned towards the bed and saw my wife laying down. I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of body. I asked her, “Are you out of body now?” and she responded very slowly, “Yessss”.

I asked if she would remember the experience. She responded “Noooo” very slowly, in a labored way.

I asked if there was anything I could do to help her remember. She responded “Kisssss” – so I gave her a big ol’ smooch. Then woke up (6am).

I asked her in the morning if she remembered anything, and she said no. Oh well!

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