Smooth Exit

Smooth Exit

My goal this morning was to see if I could perceive a random object while out of body. During this meditation session, I also had another interesting experience, which I think is worth sharing.

We woke up at 3am, stayed awake 10 minutes, then returned to bed. I used my three word mantra technique, using the words: love, accuracy, and patience.

Lately, I haven’t been leaving my body during the meditation – I will turn over and try to fall asleep afterwards, and that’s when I leave my body. Today was no different.

I rolled over after an hour, and tried to relax more deeply.

After another 30 minutes or so, I felt my body sink four inches into the bed. It was very peaceful; no vibrations, no wacky visuals, no blackouts, no hallucinations – and importantly – no loss of consciousness.

I smoothly got out, and tried to open my eyes. I’m not sure if I opened my physical eyes, or my non-physical eyes, but I did see my non-physical arm floating in front of me. It looked dark with a faint outline.

I was so excited and grateful to be out. I started to wiggle and slide myself off the bed. I got a couple feet away, and tried to turn around, to face the bedroom door.

Unfortunately, I was so excited, that I couldn’t move easily, and snapped back into my body. I opened my physical eyes and looked around.

The entire experience lasted two minutes or so, but what interests me is that I didn’t lose consciousness the entire time. From the time I rolled over, to the sinking feeling, exit, seeing my non-physical arm, and return to body, I had one continuous stream of consciousness.

Usually during meditation there are some questionable moments, like having light hallucinations, or seeing a dream materialize, or blacking out momentarily, or even just flashing lights on the back of your eyelids.

I didn’t experience any of that this time.

Experiences like these contribute to why out of body experiences feel so real.

I was completely alert and aware. I was relaxed, but not so much that my body was asleep. I was too excited for my experiment to fall asleep.

I laid down, waited, wiggled out, and returned, all in one stream.

It was really cool!

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