Warm Hug, Again

Warm Hug, Again

Once again, me and my wife woke up at 3am, in order to meditate and try and get out of body. I’ve been trying to influence my Geiger counter while out of body the past month or so.

Once I got settled, I wasn’t sure if I would try to get out of body, or instead navigate my mental state towards ego death, like another experience I recently had.

I had been trying really hard lately, to my own detriment. One meditation I was trying so hard, that nothing happened, because I was too intense. The next one, I decided to be more passive, and just fell asleep. So going into this experience, I was thinking about the right amount of activity – enough to care, enough to participate, but not so much that I couldn’t let things evolve naturally.

So I sat down, and watched my mind, peacefully.

I centered myself, and coined a term for this calm, centered state: my mental home. It was me and my ego, hanging out, enjoying peaceful existence, in the black void behind my eyes. In this state, I am not distracted, and am completely focused on the current experience, and my awareness – centered right in my brain. I allowed myself to think whatever I wanted, but focused on maintaining awareness of my conscience, in the present moment.

It doesn’t take long to get distracted though… some random train of thought enters my mind, and I’m off thinking about work, or something else. I would catch myself, and return home. No judgement or intensity behind it, just calmly re-center my awareness on myself.

I would occasionally slip into a different state of mind, and kick off an involuntary panic. There is something seriously scary about ego death. I’m afraid I will stop breathing (among other things), so I become fixated on my breath.

After about 2.5 hours of this, I was very relaxed, and nearly oblivious to my body. I eventually slipped into a deep ego-less trance, without panicking.

I completely lost awareness of my body, with the exception of my breathing and hearing. I could hear our room, and kept sending the signals to my body to breathe. I heard myself snoring! That actually soothed me, because I wasn’t even sure if I was actually breathing, so hearing myself snore meant I wasn’t dying 😄.

I was so excited to be in this state of mind – I think this is a new state that I haven’t explored before, and I’m curious how it relates to other states I am more familiar with. I was beaming with gratitude.

My non-physical body was literally buzzing – it felt electric. I’ve never felt that while out of body. Usually my non-physical body is quite boring (though sometimes it looks cool).

I felt a massaging pressure on my scalp. It felt like hands were massaging my forehead.

Most meditations I will ask for help, if any non-physical being is willing to help me. Usually nothing comes of it (that I’m aware of). This time, it felt like one or more non-physical beings were helping me.

I was so grateful, I sent out huge thanks, and received a warm electrical hug – very similar to the experience I had in August. I felt wooshing in one direction, and wondered if they were taking me somewhere, or if energy was being directed at me. I couldn’t tell.

I only saw blackness the entire time. At one point, I questioned whether I should try and see, but decided against it because if I actually saw some beings I knew I freak out 😄.

Towards the end, I thought: I need to get to the Geiger counter! But I wasn’t in my typical out-of-body state of mind – I was in some other egoless trance state. It also felt a little silly… I wasn’t really in control of the experience (on purpose), and I was trying to just enjoy the ride and show gratitude.

This line of thought, along with my general excitement, brought the experience to an end – I returned to my body, and checked the clock: 5:56am.

It was pretty wild! Very fun and new for me to experience such intense buzzing around my non-physical body. Usually I only experience buzzing in my head prior to leaving my body, but this experience was very different from that.

Thanks for reading!

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