I have a lot of strange experiences, and I have fun thinking of ways I can put myself to the test. Why not?

Failed Perception

I saw a variety of objects while out of body, but none of them matched the random object chosen by my wife.

Perceiving Random Objects

If my wife secretly rolls a dice and picks a random object, can I perceive that object while out of body? Surprising results!

LED Experiment, Interesting Results

I had some surprising results! In this post I explain my full sensor setup, and the out of body experience I had this morning, which produced curious perceptions.

Electromagnetic Field Detector

Since I haven’t been having much luck influencing my Geiger counter, I decided to add a new device to my soul-detector setup 😜 – the Cornet ED88TPlus5G2.

Date Experiment, Bizarro Land

I floated down the hallway, and plopped onto the couch. Last time, it felt like I was walking, but this time I noticed I was actually floating. I started to think about how it was cool that I was floating, and then the couch started to float with me – we lifted into the air about 10 feet.

Cat Person and Geiger Results #4

In the living room, I saw a cat-person. It was about five feet tall, and standing next to our couch. It literally looked like a human child with the human head swapped out for a cat head.

Geiger Counter Results #3

I pivoted myself up in bed, then pivoted back down towards the Geiger counter. My vision was black. I felt the rim of the sensor, and started hammering away at it.

Geiger Counter Results #2

From 6:47am-7:20am, I got out multiple times and made my way over to the Geiger counter. One time in particular, I was pushing my entire non-physical arm through the sensor, over and over. I wasn’t holding back!

Geiger Counter Results #1

I was able to get out of body last night twice, and while out, I messed with the Geiger counter. Cutting to the chase: after checking in the morning, I don’t see any indication that I influenced the Geiger counter. I will keep trying!

Geiger Counter Setup

I bought a PRM-9000 Geiger counter and a cheap laptop! Check out photos of it setup in my bedroom.