Time Sink

This is a simple tool to create one second looping GIFs from a sink script.

The source script is executed to draw each frame. The time command returns a value between 0 and 1, indicating which frame is being requested.


The standard sink library is available, and provides many math related commands.

circle center, rad, [segs] Create a list of points in a circle
colcomp col Break down a hex color into RGBA components
fill pts, col Fill the list of points with hex color
hsl h, s, l Convert HSL to a hex color
hsla h, s, l, a Convert HSLA to a hex color
maxticks ticks Set the maximum ticks before killing the script
rect start, size, [rad, segs] Create a list of points in a rounded rectangle
rgb r, g, b Convert RGB to a hex color
rgba r, g, b, a Convert RGBA to a hex color
stroke pts, col, [linewidth, corner] Stroke the list of points with hex color, line width, and corner type
time Get the requested time to render (0 to 1)
Vector/Matrix commands are provided by NVQM

Created by voidqk from sean.cm