In general I find people take their beliefs too seriously, and are too sure of themselves. I find it fun to think about strange ideas and their implications. Here are some random ideas:

My Current Model of The Mind (2024)

I’ve been trying to come up with a model of how my mind works that incorporates the things I know, and the things I suspect are true.

Body Sensations

I’ve always wondered why our awareness is so stuck in our head. Why can’t I leave my body right now, willfully? If out of body experiences are real, in some sense, then the body must have a grip on our awareness that we can’t normally break.

Direct Knowing

If I were to talk about my Bufo trip to my younger self, he would be immediately skeptical. Especially since I find myself using the same words as other people who have used psychedelics: love, oneness, ego death, gratitude, and crying – lots of crying.

Plausible Mechanisms for Karma

On the surface, the effects of karma can seem impossible. But cause and effect is so complex, that maybe two events that seem unrelated could have a deep connection.

What Is The Soul?

In a previous post, I outlined what I feel is the most compelling evidence that the soul doesn’t exist. Now, let’s back up and explore the idea of the soul from a different perspective. If we did have a soul, how could it operate, and still be consistent with the facts we see?

Evidence Against the Soul

Given that I regularly have out of body experiences, it would make sense that I believe in a soul. Reality is more complicated than that though. It’s important to study the facts, even if they’re contradictory and don’t paint a clear picture.

Are we trapped in a Prison Planet?

There is an hypothesis in UFO lore that we are souls trapped on Earth, in a cycle of reincarnation, against our will. This is called the Prison Planet hypothesis. Can I find anything in my own life that bears a resemblance to the Prison Planet?

What if higher intelligent beings exist?

I don’t have proof that higher intelligent beings exist, but I think it’s an interesting thought experiment, which even the most ardent skeptic must address due to the advances in AI. How will the world look when we are no longer #1?