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Everybody Edits Port + Gvasm

In my spare time, I’ve been porting an old game Everybody Edits from Flash to HTML5.

I didn’t make the original game, I just loved playing it, and the only way to play it today was to download a Flash executable for Windows. That seemed like a shame, so I made a web version!

Play my port of Everybody Edits!

I also put gvasm on the software page, for those interested in Game Boy Advance homebrew.

Bombs and Blobs

My wife and I took this past weekend to do a little game jam, resulting in Bombs and Blobs.

It’s a quick little puzzle game – we designed it together, then she made all the art while I coded the behavior. Enjoy!

Whisky Library and Batman Pixel Art

I have two updates today!


I’ve released the whisky library into the public domain. This is a library of high quality hash functions, which can be used for random number generation or procedural game development.

Batman (NES) Pixel Art Study

In pursuit of improving my own pixel artistic skill, I took a look at Batman on the NES, which has beautiful dark pixel art.


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