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  • NaN-Boxing

    How do dynamicly typed languages allow any variable to hold any type? There are a few different techniques, but the one I use for sink is NaN-boxing. more

  • C Tricks

    I’ve been coding in C99 quite a lot lately. I wanted to write down some of the tricks I’ve been using.

    I don’t take credit for any of these ideas – I’ve either directly stolen these ideas from other coders, or rediscovered techniques that have probably been known for 40 years.

    I will continue updating this document as I stumble across more useful tricks.

    The code on this page is Public Domain, but this article is copyright according to the notice at the very bottom. more

  • Tri-Color Garbage Collector

    Garbage collectors (GCs) feel like some sort of esoteric programming magic. What’s really funny is that a simple good-enough garbage collector is actually quite easy to write. The core functionality of a basic tri-color GC is only around 250 lines of C code. more