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  • Shunting Yard (Part 3)

    Let’s continue adding to our Shunting Yard code base.

    In Part 2, we created operator precedence. This allowed us to delay application of operators indefinitely, using a stack. Next, we’ll focus on adding parentheses, so that the end-user can manually override precedence.

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  • Shunting Yard (Part 2)

    Let’s continue building a general purpose Shunting Yard algorithm.

    We left off with bare-bones skeleton that implements a shunt to delay building of the abstract syntax tree (AST). Our skeleton left a lot to be desired. For this article, we’ll implement operator precedence.

    Please read Part 1 first, since the code here builds directly on the source from that article.

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  • Shunting Yard (Part 1)

    The Shunting Yard Algorithm is, quite possibly, my favorite algorithm. It transforms a series of tokens into an abstract syntax tree, taking into account operator type, precedence, and parenthesis.

    Through the next series of articles, I want to build a general purpose expression parser using the algorithm. By the end, we’ll have an algorithm that can be easily extended to add many different types of operators… any arity (unary, binary, ternary, etc), prefix, infix, and postfix.

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