That’s me!

I spend most of my time sleeping and programming. Every once in a while I try to post updates for those who are curious about my progress :-).

Questions, Comments?

The only reliable way to contact me is via Twitter. You can DM me, or just tweet at me, and I'll usually respond pretty quickly.

Van Life

I spent 2 years living in a van and traveling the United States! It was awesome!

I live in an apartment with my girlfriend now. Living on the road is great and all, but domestic life has its benefits too... like sharing your life experiences with someone you love, toilets, and stoves :-).

Thoughts and Meditations

Writing helps me clear my thoughts, and sometimes I like to share these moments:

Short Stories

I like to write short stories to exercise my creativity:

Internet Profiles

If you look around on the Internet, you might see me under the pseudonym “voidqk” (pronounced “void cookie”). The name doesn’t mean anything.

Here are some of my profiles:

Things I Like

Here are some people and projects I like: